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Do you need speakers in your events?

Our mission is to educate the public about climate change that affects our ways of life and to work toward solutions at a grassroots level in Australia and beyond. Please feel free to contact me to schedule an appointment (Melbourne, VIC) or visit the Climate Reality website to get in touch with more leaders in your area. Thank you.

Stepping Up

News reports bombard humanity with a dire warning: the planet is heading to a runaway climate breakdown. The good news is there are hundreds of solutions at hand to limit global temperature below 1.5 C.

According to Project Drawdown, stopping food waste and eating plant-rich diet are two of the top 10 climate solutions in terms of potential impact– beating solar farms and rooftop solar panels combined. The Lancet also released a report backing plant-rich diet as a way forward for a healthier body and a healthier planet.

Rowena’s new initiative: Climate Action Starts from the Kitchen. Anyone who is involved in gardening, cooking, permaculture, and other sustainability-related matters may get in touch with Rowena.

Rowena Dela Rosa Yoon at the Westvale Community Garden. (Photo: Denis/Weekly Star)

Renewable energy revolution marches on

President Donald Trump recently signed an executive order rolling back Obama-era rules aimed at curbing climate change. The president said this would put an end to the “war on coal” and “job-killing regulations”.


The Energy Independence Executive Order suspends more than half a dozen measures enacted by his predecessor, and boosts fossil fuels,  BBC reports .

However, as much as Trump and his oil-soaked administration want to make fossil fuels great again, the global clean energy revolution is gaining speed to the point of being unstoppable. Here are a few reasons the renewables revolution will continue without Trump’s blessing.

Josh Marks writes 6 reasons the clean energy revolution doesn’t need Trump’s blessing

Emma Gilchrist  of DeSmogBlog also examines 6 Charts That Show Trump Isn’t Stopping the Renewable Energy Revolution Any Time Soon

“It’s at the point of great return. It’s irreversible. There is no stopping this train.”

The battle for renewable energy as an alternative to fossils fuel goes on.

Website Re-design


APEC's Green Towns
APEC’s Green Towns

Tianjin, China eco-city is poised to become a model for sustainable urban planning and development. (Photo: Inhabitat)
Tianjin, China eco-city is poised to become a model for sustainable urban planning and development. (Photo: Inhabitat)


Thank you for passing by and welcome to my newly redesigned website!

I removed all the clutter and transformed this site into a minimalist portal.

I am currently working on the RESOURCES which provides links to data banks on climate change .

I will be adding a PORTFOLIO page which also offers a window to my current projects.

Please come back soon for more!