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Community Gardening

The COVID-19 has stalled much of our projects, including climate action across the globe.

Locally, however, small actions are happening in our community.  The Australian Multicultural Community Services, in partnership with the Brimbank City Council, has initiated the Grow Green Garden Talks Program. The aim is to bring significant change to people’s health, habits, practices, lifestyles with small, consistent, and practical steps. With climate change disrupting food supplies sending prices of goods and services higher, gardening offers solutions for self-sufficiency and helps the community to live for a more sustainable future.

Before the Victorian State Government enforced the COVID-19 restrictions In March this year, we came up with a gardening curriculum which has drawn significant interests from the community.

Contents include:

• Planning your food garden
• Preparing and building healthy soils
• Plant cycles and identifying seasonal crops
• Identifying seeds sources and seeds saving
• Plant varieties
• Planting and growing crops
• Managing bugs and pests
• Managing weeds
• Edible weeds
• Abundance: From harvesting to preserving
• Reducing food waste from roots to shoots
• Composting: Recycle from soil to soil
• Natural fertilisers
• Development of cost efficient meals
• Cooking: From the garden to the kitchen
• Climate Change and what we can do
*With monthly expert guest speaker sessions

Download full Gardening  program contents  here.

Note that lockdown and restrictions scaled down our activities. The facilitator of the program (Rowena), however, endeavoured to work singlehandedly  by planting a variety of winter vegetables on three new garden beds. Video clips have been filmed for a series of presentation. Here’s the first part of the series:


10 Years after the Inconvenient Truth


This month marks the 10-year anniversary of the film’s release, and the Climate Reality Project is celebrating the impact it had in stirring millions of people worldwide to take climate action. People of all ages, from every part of the world, have begun to share how the film impacted them by using #ait10 on social media and commenting on our Facebook page.

So far, the responses on social media have been overwhelming – and incredibly inspiring. See here.

Nations agree on negotiating texts for 2015 Paris talks


Geneva, 13 Feb 2015 – A key milestone towards a new, universal agreement on climate change was reached in Geneva following seven days of negotiations by over 190 nations.

Nations concluded the Geneva Climate Change Talks by successfully preparing the negotiating text for the 2015 agreement. The agreement is set to be reached in Paris at the end of 2015 and will come into effect in 2020.

Delegates from 194 countries convened in Geneva to continue work following the Lima Climate Change Conference held in Peru last year, which had produced elements for the negotiating text–known as the Lima Call for Climate Action.

“I am extremely encouraged by the constructive spirit and the speed at which negotiators have worked during the past week,” said Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

“We now have a formal negotiating text, which contains the views and concerns of all countries. The Lima Draft has now been transformed into the negotiating text and enjoys the full ownership of all countries,” she added.


Rowena as a new Climate Reality presenter

0604With erratic weather conditions that challenge people’s way of life, Rowena Dela Rosa Yoon has joined hundreds of like-minded people from over 30 countries last month to receive personal training from former US Vice President Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project (CRP). The training marked the 25th since the global project was launched in 2006.


Frequent and more severe weather conditions have wreaked havoc on the lives of many people and communities,  destroying livelihoods, massive investments, and infrastructure. Mega-cyclones and hurricanes have become more frequent, while severe flooding and bushfires have been raging unprecendentedly. In many parts of the world, drought and famine have triggered ethnic wars resulting to massive displacement of people and influx of refugees.


Calamities and disasters are not merely a natural phenomenon. Scientific studies show that they are aggravated by human activities such as logging and deforestation, unabated carbon and methane emissions, irresponsible resource and waste management, and government inaction.


At this juncture in human history, however, a major shift is taking place, with grassroots worldwide taking the future into their hands. There are solutions to the climate crisis.


Mr Gore has trained leaders around the world, including small communities. He has offered to support committed leaders standing up to take action on the climate crisis. “Our goal is to provide them with the best possible tools to become even more effective leaders in their schools, businesses, houses of worship, and local and national governments,” Mr Gore said.


Ken Berlin, President and CEO of the CRP also said during the leadership training he is convinced that the important work being done by Mr Gore and the CRP is absolutely vital to solving the climate crisis. He added, “Now more than ever, we need a large corps of climate change leaders who can speak to and reach out to their communities with a message that develops the support needed to change the culture and politics of climate change, and which convinces our political, social and business leaders to do the right thing and embrace the solutions at our fingertips.”


Ms Dela Rosa Yoon has an extensive professional background in journalism and strategic communications. Her interest in climate leadership is rooted her long years of experience as an environmental writer. “People need education and empowerment to be able to look better for the planet. There must be a better, more responsible, and more sustainable way of living. It is the key to our survival,” she said.


She is available to speak to small organizations and communities and present the state of climate and the way forward. For more info, read her profile at: Climate Reality Presenters. Contact her here.

Nobel Peace Laureate and former US Vice President Al Gore (seated, front-centre) poses with new leaders and presenters.